About Course Made Good

Course made good is the direction from the point of departure to the point of arrival if you were to travel in a straight line. In the natural world, current, winds, topography and other factors mean that the path you actually travel is rarely straight. It includes unexpected detours that help you reach your final destination safely and expeditiously.

Complex organizations pose different kinds of challenges, but as in the natural world, you often have to plot an indirect course to reach your ultimate goal. As veteran navigators, we know that no two organizations, missions, or circumstances are the same. Building on extensive experience, we take a thoughtful, pragmatic, and entirely customized approach to help you meet your most important goals. Our deep understanding of the proverbial currents that affect mission-driven organizations helps you chart the most effective course to your destination. When unexpected circumstances arise along the way, we help you adapt your approach.

Course Made Good Founder, Elizabeth Blaylock

I was initially attracted to consulting because of the opportunity to explore effective approaches to a variety of business problems. Early in my career I was assigned to an operations improvement project in healthcare where my role was to research how healthcare professionals used their time. I was deeply moved by the dedication, expertise and commitment of the people to do the right thing. I was also fascinated by the complexities of professional and leadership work in organizational environments with multiple, overlapping structures, and competing objectives.

That experience and others that followed sparked a lifelong commitment to helping mission-driven organizations and their leaders, become more effective. Over the last 30 years, I’ve served as a management consultant and executive coach in leading organizations in healthcare, education and other professional service fields. I have extensive experience with the challenges of leading and managing experts and professionals, working with boards, developing and executing strategy and driving organizational change.

I began my consulting career with McKinsey and Company before joining CFAR, where I led the academic medicine and strategy practices. In 2015, I began practicing independently, and in 2019, formed Course Made Good.

I also served in leadership roles in mission-driven organizations, most recently as vice president for strategic learning and development at Christiana Care Health System. Prior to that, I served as the senior vice president for programs at the American Board of Internal Medicine. I hold a master’s degree in public and private management from the Yale School of Management, and in international relations from Yale University. I hold a certificate in Leadership Coaching from the Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership and a certificate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace from the University of South Florida. I earned my bachelor’s degree, magna cum laude from Harvard University.

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