We've worked with dozens of mission-driven organizations on strategy and organizational development projects. We are comfortable working on short projects to address a specific need or challenge, as well as longer term and organization-wide efforts. We particularly enjoy long term relationships based, where we get to know the organization and its people well, and can draw connections between our projects over time. Some examples of recent work include:

Research Institute Strategy

We developed a strategy and organizational structure for a research institute. To better align the institute with the priorities of its parent organization, the institute needed to narrow the focus of its research efforts while continuing to engage the interests of its investigators. Working with senior executives of the parent organization and institute leadership we defined the scope of the institute and established guidelines to ensure ongoing alignment. Once the scope of the institute was redefined, we designed an internal structure that would enable it to sustain its work and advance its capabilities. Throughout the effort we engaged staff and researchers from the institute to ensure we were responsive to their concerns and that they understood the nature and reasons for the changes.

Governance of Multi-stakeholder Collaborative Program

We designed and facilitated the negotiation for a formal governance and decision-making structure to assure long term stability for a successful but informal multi-stakeholder program involving medical specialty organizations and health care systems. The new structure enabled a significant expansion of the program and the recruitment of a permanent staff.

Role Definition for Internal Consulting Group

We developed standard job expectations for consultants in an internal consulting department of a large organization. The standardized job expectations helped young professionals to understand what their colleagues expected of them at each level of advancement, and what would be required to move to the next level. They also ensured consistency across different functional areas, and facilitated developmental feedback and career planning conversations.

Professional and Team Development for Clinical Leadership Team

We designed a leadership development program for a team of clinical leaders. The team faced an unprecedented level of change and expansion in the volume of services, and needed to drive greater consistency in performance and behavior as well as more rapid deployment of changes in technology and processes. We worked with the leadership team to advance a clearer set of expectations for their work, both as individuals and for the team as a whole, and to develop skills in key areas.