Course Made Good offers targeted services to move your mission forward. Whether you’re looking to shift behavior, strategy, or structure, we'll cut to the core of what you need most and help you get there.

Figuring out what to do is important. But doing it and doing it well is equally important.

- Andy Grove

Strategy Development

Even when you know what your organization’s future should look like, the path to get there is often unclear or full of roadblocks. A deep diagnostic dive helps us understand your organization’s DNA, long-term vision, and current challenges. It may also reveal new options for adjusting to changes in your market, organization, or leadership.

Our work includes:

  • Uncovering and describing challenges in your environment or organization.
  • Supporting you to identify and address key strategic choices given your long-term goals and mission.
  • Designing and powerfully communicating your strategy, so that teams and staff understand how their work advances the organization.
  • Exploring the behavioral changes needed from your employees to align with your new path.
  • Partnering with you to refine internal structures and processes to execute effectively.

Organizational Design

In today’s complex service environment where teams need to be responsive to multiple authorities and decisions are made across multiple functions, it’s common for a lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities to lead to disengagement and stalled initiatives. Whether integrating a new service, merging departments, or simply bridging communication gaps, we’ll design structures and processes to help you get things done with more speed and simplicity.

Our work includes:

  • Defining and articulating the work of management and leadership within your particular organization.
  • Working with you to design oversight and decision structures and processes that meet those requirements.
  • Defining role expectations for individuals and teams.
  • Crafting an approach to introduce and reinforce new processes, protocols, and roles.

Change Management

Getting the most from your teams and colleagues in a rapidly changing environment is hard, particularly when teams are challenged just to keep up with daily demands. We work with you to explore what changes you really need from your people, and the net of factors that influence behavior so you can create sustainable momentum.

Our work includes:

  • Identifying what you need people to do differently.
  • Strategizing what levers you can pull to encourage and sustain that new behavior.
  • Helping you introduce and sequence your change initiative to maximize the impact.
  • Giving you the language to talk about and manage expectations.
  • Showing you how to take advantage of change strategies to make ongoing course corrections.

Executive Coaching and Team Development

Good leaders constantly develop themselves and their teams in ways that align with business needs. Course Made Good will help you balance team and leader development with the demands and priorities of your business. Our approach to coaching and team development often focuses on helping leaders and teams grow through addressing an organizational challenge or opportunity, allowing you to drive initiatives forward as you build your leadership voice and capacity.

Our work includes:

  • Helping you cultivate your leadership voice in service of overall business objectives.
  • Improving engagement and synergy by working with you to diagnose and enhance team dynamics.
  • Developing an effective approach to managing conflict that breeds creativity and respect.
  • Establishing clear expectations with your team that align with your organization’s mission.
  • Refining how you make decisions so your team gets things done in a timely and effective way.

Keynote Speaking/Lectures

Exposing leaders and staff to best practices for organizational effectiveness can spark unprecedented excitement and engagement. Course Made Good Founder, Elizabeth Blaylock, is available to speak on the following topics.

  • Managing change
  • Employee engagement
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Giving feedback
  • Negotiating “decision rules”
  • Managing conflict

Contact us now to inquire further about how our services can advance your organization’s mission.